School events are programmes aside the day to day routine of students and staff. Some major events are as follows:

1. PTA MEETING-It is a forum to enable parents and staff deliberate on matters related to the affairs of the students.

2. VISITING DAY- This coincides with the PTA meeting to enable the parents share some moments of reflection.

3. OPEN DAY- This occasion affords parents the opportunity to assess their wards academic performance.

4. INTER-HOUSE SPORTS- This is extra-curricular activities to enable the students develop skills in different sporting activities.

5. EXCURSION- The school organizes excursion annually to various important places for students to broaden their knowledge in their field of studies.

6. COMPETITION- The School organizes inter-house and inter-class competions which are mainly educational such as debates, quiz and talent hunt programmes.

7. AWARD:- Best students in continuos assessments are rewarded as a motivation to others.

8. SOCIAL NIGHT- To promote healthy interaction among students.

9. PRIZE-GIVING DAY- Outstanding staff and students are rewarded at the end of every academic session.